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Positive Affirmations: Words of Self-Love for the Tough Times

During these uncertain times, you may be feeling a little unsteady.

Maybe you were laid off from your job, your family is tripping over each other and fighting during quarantine, or perhaps you're unsure where you will go from here.

Whatever the case may be, trying to remain positive may seem an impossible feat. It can be exhausting to keep everything in perspective and not allow the hurt to seep into the depths of your self-worth.

This is precisely why NOW is the time to remain grounded, build your self-esteem and embrace all you are. This is where positive affirmations come in!

Positive affirmations are phrases, statements, or quotes used to combat the intrusion of negative or harmful thoughts.

The idea is to say these positive affirmations aloud to yourself daily (at least) to remind yourself that you are worthy of love, respect, and grace…no matter what.

Admittedly, this concept is intimidating, and you may feel silly the first few times you look at your reflection and tell yourself how great you are. But here's the thing - you're so quick to tell the ones you love all the things you love about them; you build them up and cheer them on, especially when they're feeling low. Why should it be any different for you?

The best part about affirmations is that they don't have to be complicated to be effective.

Positive Affirmations: Where to Start

Getting started can be tricky, so try a few of the examples below:

"I love myself entirely"

This is an acknowledgment that who you are, at this exact moment, is worth loving.

"I forgive myself and am worthy of forgiveness"

Everyone makes mistakes. Not a single person is exempt from this fact. But mistakes don't make you unlovable or unworthy of forgiveness.

"I am worthy of love"


Full stop.

You are worthy of the love that you give so freely to others. You need this kind of love, just like anyone else.

"I choose to be kind to myself and accept myself in my entirety"

Give yourself some grace. You have so much going on in your life.

Choose to accept yourself for being human and embrace all things that make you who you are.

"I am enough"

Wherever you are in life right now, even if it's not where you ultimately want to be, know that you are doing your best, and that truly is enough.

"I am grateful for…"

This is the time to list as many blessings as you can.

Grateful for another morning? Say so.

Grateful for your job? Your home? Your kids? Your morning coffee?

Whatever it is that you're grateful for - speak to it!

"I am gifted and worthy of achieving all my dreams"

Do you remember being young and believing that no dream seemed too big?

As you get older and the reality of life hits you in the face, this belief tends to fade. And while you may not explore outer space like you once thought, that doesn't mean you should stop dreaming altogether.

You deserve to make your dreams come true.

"I choose to be happy"

This one gets a little tricky.

The world will tell you that buying the newest vehicle, the most expensive home, and the most fabulous clothing will make you happy. It will say that your life will most certainly be empty without these things.

This simply isn't true.

Happiness can't be bought or packaged like a gift. Happiness starts within and can even be found in the simplest of experiences. (Maybe this is a good time to refer back to your gratitude affirmation?)

"I accept myself, flaws and all"

You will always be a work in progress - and that's OK! There is profound beauty in watching yourself grow and blossom along the way.

"I am in charge of my life and, therefore, choose love"

You can't always control what happens in your life; there will be times when you're sure things couldn't get any worse. These things will happen - and you will survive. You control how you respond to these challenging times, and you will persevere.

What to do next

Next, write down your affirmations and put them everywhere!

Put a few on your bathroom mirror so you can see them first thing each morning; put them on your fridge; put them anywhere you will see them regularly and say them each time you notice.

The greatness of positive affirmations lies in the ability to customize them to fit you. After all, no one knows you as well as you know yourself.

So, pick some affirmations that feel right to you, write them down, and give them your full attention. Make sure to put intention into your words and speak to yourself with the same kindness you extend to others.

You are worth it.

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